Thank you USTA Mid-Atlantic

In 2022, I was the USTA Mid-Atlantic's Official Photographer for the USTA League Championship season.

I want to take the time to thank USTAMAS for the opportunity again to help capture photos for the players and their marketing department.

As a fellow tennis player, I'm glad I could combine my two passions, tennis and photography, and use that to create an incredible opportunity.

I was hired to photograph almost back-to-back championships weekend tournaments during the months of July-September. Some of the tournament venues were in Maryland and went as far as Virginia Beach, VA. I even had the chance to photograph some tennis influencers I see on my social media channels and meet some new people along the way.

All these players were playing against other teams for a chance to go to Nationals located in Arizona or Florida to win the national title. I explained these events and who USTAMAS is on one of my client pages for the 2021 USTA Mid-Atlantic Championship season. Be sure to take a look at that for more information.

That being said here are a few of my favorite photos from the 2022 championship season.