How I got my name.

Yep. There is an awe-inspiring story behind my name.

How I got my name.

Yep. There is an awe-inspiring story behind my name.

There was once a boy who escaped the country during the Vietnam War. The boy and several other strangers used a fishing boat made for the calm and beautiful rivers that flow in Vietnam to sail the rough waters of the Pacific Ocean. 

One night, there was a massive storm. Eventually, the fishing boat was too weak to handle the storm, and a colossal tide came crashing and broke the boat into pieces. The boy was able to grab a piece of the boat to stay afloat on the water. 

Just when the boy lost all hope, a big ship appeared. It was a naval ship called the USS Worden XVIII. They were able to rescue the boy and some of the boat people. 

When the boy boarded the naval ship, he vowed to name his first son "Worden" in honor of the captain and the boat that saved his life.

Fast-forwarding years later, he married, and his first newborn son arrived. He remembers his vow as a boy but forgot how to spell the name. So he misspelled "Worden," adding an extra letter "n," and officially named his son "Wornden." To this date, he claims he never misspelled the name.

And that's how I got the name, Wornden.

A little bit about me

Event and Wedding Photographer

I started my photography journey by being a subpar writer for my middle school's newspaper club. This eventually led me to work as a senior sports and photo editor for my university's online newspaper and freelancing for the Severna Park and Pasadena Voice as a writer and photographer.

The ability to think like a journalist and being a marketing professional helped me form my photography style, a mix of photojournalism and editorial lifestyle photography.

Since my day writing for my middle school's newspaper club, I provided photo coverage for non-profit organizations, iconic activists, sports organizations, and at-large special event organizers. I started to provide wedding coverage since it is the event that requires to use my style of photography.

I pride myself as a reliable and professional photographer that gets the job done while producing imagery that's eye-catching and create that nostalgic vibe looking back years later.

Brands and Organizations

Big or small, here is a list of a few brands and organizations I provided photo coverage for their event.

  • Brook Lane, Inc.
  • David W. Fletcher Hagerstown Community College Incubator and Labs
  • Mama's Biscuit Culinary Incubator
  • Mid-Atlantic United States Tennis Association
  • Krispy Kreme Doughnuts-Owings Mills, MD
  • Tarana Burke and Elle R. Jae Events
  • Big Night D.C.
  • Stevenson University
  • Severna Park Voice
  • Pasadena Voice
  • No Limits Boxing Facility
  • UnbelievableFacts

2017 Time Person of the Year and Founder of the #MeToo Movement, Tarana Burke, reads an excerpt of her book, "Unbound," to her close friends and colleagues in her private residence.

Venues and Locations

I had the privilege to capture photos at some pretty cool places. Here is a list of a few I enjoyed if you are planning your next event or just traveling for fun.

  • United States Military Academy
  • Congressional County Club
  • United State National Arboretum
  • Gaylord National Resort & Convention Center
  • Potomac Point Winery & Vineyard
  • Dante's View @ Death Valley National Park
  • Bonneville Salt Flats @ Utah
  • Delicate Arch @ Arches National Park
  • Angel's Landing & The Narrows @ Zion National Park
  • Yosemite National Park

The Narrows @ Zion National Park, Utah