Hey. I sort of deleted @worndenlyphotography….

Yeah I deleted my personal IG, @worndenly and I sort of deleted @worndenlyphotography.

I found myself wondering why I need Instagram or social media for my photography business. I know most of you will say I’m an idiot for thinking that, and as a marketing professional, I don’t blame you.

Social Media today still has a ton of potential in marketing and finding new clients to work with. I mentioned before that I am a marketing professional and it’s true. Outside of photography I work in the marketing department for a nationwide private lender. I schedule email campaigns, write SEO copy for multiple platforms, update content and messaging on multiple websites, and even travel for my job.

And yes, I create and schedule content on my company’s social media channels and we reap the benefits of it=

So why I removed all of my content on my photography IG account? Why did I deleted my personal account.

Two words. Indecisive and Insecure.

Because it was my own personal brand, I struggle to determine which photo to post. What to caption my photo. What hashtags, geotags, and who should I mention on a post. Maybe post multiple photos in a single post.

The list goes on and on. Then on top of that…

Is the photo good enough to share with people? That always gets me when I’m about to hit post button. Always.

There’s another reason why, but those two reason is why I practically deleted my IG accounts.

I feel like new and seasoned photographers feel this way. Am I good enough? Will this post help me convert someone to work with me.

After days and weeks of facing those fears, what the hell do you post as your comeback post?

As a very camera shy person, I hate getting photos taken. My mom hates this because she always wants a new photo of me. I think the last photos she had of me was three years ago. As a whole family, I think it was 10 years ago??? Yeah we are due for some new photos.

Well there you have it. I’m not going to write a long monologue. There’s no inspirational message. This is just an update on why I haven’t posted and deleted my posts on my IG account. I’m not sure when I will ever post again, but I feel like I need to explain myself. Believe it or not, I worked with many great clients and organizations since my last post, but I just need to overcome my inner demons before I share it to the world again.

Thanks for reading….

Maybe I’ll post this as my comeback post…