My Approach


So you may have heard of photojournalism. In its simplest and purest form, photojournalism uses photos compiled into a series of images to tell a story. Typically they are related to news reporting, but photojournalism can be found in sports, event, and wedding photographers' work.

A good example of photojournalism are photos taken by photographers from Reuters. Photos from Reuters are straight out of the camera, unedited, and tells or enhance a news story.

An example of a traditional approach to editing images for a photojournalist. Minimal editing.


My approach is photojournalistic. I follow the principles of photojournalism, but there are times when I will be involved in providing creative direction for my clients. For example, help organize group photos or help pose a couple for a few photos. I also do more editing to my photos to further enhance an image, but won't use software like Photoshop for full photo manipulation editing (think skin retouching, adding/removing people, etc.) Therefore, I can't say I'm a full-on photojournalist but a photographer with a photojournalistic approach to photography.

That being said, my main focus is capturing the event, so photos with a lot of posing or creative direction are not my primary objective when I'm hired to capture your wedding or event. I'll focus more on capturing the story of your day or event, but I'm always happy to fulfill your request for photos needing creative direction.

When I deliver photos, you can expect 80-90% of the photos are candid photos, and 10-20% are posed photos and photos with creative direction.

Below are some examples of photojournalistic-style photos I've taken.

An example of an edited image using my photojournalistic-style of photography.